Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight Loss – Lose Weight Fast

Essential oils for weight loss such as Grapefruit Essential Oil, can really give you fast results.
Commonly used as an antiseptic and disinfectant, grapefruit oil has a sweet, crisp, and uplifting aroma. #weightloss #essentialoils #grapefruit
What it Does
• Curbs cravings
• Boosts metabolism
• Increases energy
• Increase endurance
• Reduces abdominal fat accumulation

Why it Works
Grapefruit contains nootkatone, a natural chemical compound. Nootkatone stimulates a specific enzyme (AMPK to be precise) that controls the body’s energy levels and metabolic rate. When nootkatone is introduced into the system, AMPK accelerates chemical reactions in the tissues of the brain, liver, and skeletal muscle. Research on the interactions between nootkatone and AMPK have resulted in increased endurance, reduced weight gain and a decrease in body fat, as well as improved physical performance.
In another study lab rats were exposed to grapefruit oil three times per week for 15-minute intervals. The outcome: reduced appetite and weight loss. It is thought that limonene – grapefruit’s primary component – induces lipolysis, the process whereby body fat and protein is broken down and dissolved.

Essential Oil Blends for Weight Loss

Blending essential oils can be a fun way to experiment with your favorite scents, all while achieving weight loss. To help you get started, I am going to show you a couple of ways to use oils that will help dissolve fat and suppress your appetite:

Fat Reducing Massage – Mix together a quarter cup of almond oil with five drops each of grapefruit, lemon, and cypress oil.

Anti-Cellulite Rub – Combine 10 drops of grapefruit, five drops of rosemary, and two drops each of cypress, peppermint, and ginger oils. Blend with a carrier oil before applying to the body.

Rejuvenating Bath – Add five drops each of grapefruit, ginger, orange, sandalwood, and lemon to a warm bath.

Appetite Suppressing Diffusion – Blend together 40 drops of mandarin, 20 drops of lemon, 12 drops of ginger, and 12 drops of peppermint and add a few drops of the blend to your diffuser.

Metabolism Boosting Soak ¬– Draw a bath and add two tablespoons of jojoba oil, 10 drops of rosemary, 10 drops of cypress, and eight drops of grapefruit oil.

Craving Curbing Salve – Mix a half cup of olive oil with 80 drops of fennel, 40 drops of bergamot, and 24 drops of patchouli oil and massage on the abdomen.


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