5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Marjoram Oil

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The health benefits of marjoram oil are very impressive and can largely be attributed to its wonderful antiseptic, antiviral and digestive boosting properties among many others. Made from both dried and fresh leaves found on the marjoram plant, the medicinal properties of this plant and oil have been used for many generations. Before using marjoram oil for yourself, be sure to discuss with your medical practitioner that it is right for you. Now, lets discuss some of the amazing health benefits of using marjoram essential oil regularly.

1. First, marjoram oil can help to improve digestive health and relieve digestive related ailments, such as excess gas and bloating. This is largely due to its wonderful ability to relax and sooth muscles found in the abdominal region which can prevent further gas from forming. As well, it can help provide relief from digestive related issues such as stomach ache, indigestion and nausea.

2. Marjoram oil can also help to improve the health of our heart and reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. This is because it can benefit those individuals who are at an increased risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension and even heart attacks. This is because this essential oil acts as a vasodilator, which relaxes the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and improve circulation. This can have promising effects for the overall health of our cardiovascular system.

3. Want to reduce and relieve stress, then marjoram oil can certainly help in this regard. It has been found that this oil can help to induce a more relaxing and calming feeling while also relieving both anxiety and stress. Some individuals even report increased feelings of happiness and and relaxation.

4. Not only can marjoram oil help to relieve excess gas and bloating, but it can also help to facilitate digestion. Marjoram oil helps to promote digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices, bile and acids on the stomach which help with the digestion of the food we eat. It can also help to move food through the intestines into the digestive tract, which has the added benefit of promoting regular bowel movements.

5. Lastly, regular use of marjoram essential oil can help to prevent certain bacterial infections. This is attributed to the oil’s tremendous antibacterial properties that can help protect against many bacterial infections found within the colon, digestive system, urinary tract and even the skin. As well, marjoram oil can help to cure fungal infections and inhibit the growth of a number of skin diseases that are primarily caused by fungus growth.

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