Essential Oil Series – Clary Sage

National Nutrition coming at you with a brand new series! Come, sit down, put your feet up and listen in as our Essential Oils Specialists tells you everything you need to know about all your favorite Essential Oils.

Today we will be talking about Clary Sage Essential Oil, known as the “Cure-all” this essential oil is great for helping with many different ailments. Listen in as we discuss what the aroma is like, what other essential oils you can pair it with and how you can use it in your daily life.

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The herb derives its name from the Latin Clarus, meaning, “clear,” and was referred to as “clear eyes” during the Middle Ages for its famous ability to clear tired or strained eyes and blurred vision. Traditionally known for its ability to restore health during a variety of ailments; from eye problems to infertility, clary sage was revered as a “cure-all”…

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