How to Use Orange Essential Oil

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Hi, I’m Andrea from Aromahead Institute, and this video is all about how to use Orange essential oil!

I absolutely LOVE Orange . . . as you can probably tell from the color of my walls! It’s such a vibrant, uplifting, happy oil (and color!). It’s very energizing. Orange essential oil smells just like the fresh, sliced fruit.

We’re going to use Orange essential oil in three different ways for this video.

Orange Use Number 1
1:19 — Inhaler with Orange and Bergamot Mint

Aromatherapy inhalers are a great way to use essential oils any time, any place! An inhaler fits right in a pocket or bag. I’m using a lovely reusable inhaler that I got from Aromatics International online. Inside the inhaler is a glass vial, which holds the cotton wick that absorbs the essential oils.

Have you ever used Bergamot Mint essential oil? It’s different than Bergamot, which comes from a citrus. Bergamot Mint actually comes from an herb, and it smells minty, herbaceous, and fruity. It blends beautifully with Orange essential oil!

10 drops Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) (1:59)
5 drops Bergamot Mint essential oil (Mentha citrata) (2:19)

At 2:38, I reassemble the inhaler. Inhalers are very simple and convenient to use. You can replace the cotton wick after two or three months (or as soon as you’d like to make a new inhaler blend).

Orange Use Number 2
3:03 — Orange and Coconut Oil Blend

This blend is versatile. You can use it for digestive support, just massaging a bit into your belly and low back. It’s also helpful for sore muscles, such as tight shoulders or even leg cramps. It even makes a great moisturizer, since coconut oil is so nourishing and protective for skin.

I already have the coconut oil in a 1 oz (30 ml) glass jar and at 3:18 I’m adding 10 drops of Orange essential oil.

10 drops is my personal preference. It’s a good amount for 1 oz (28 g) of coconut oil. But you may want a few more drops, or even a few less, depending on your aromatic preferences and how you feel when you’re using it. If you want a little more Orange essential oil, feel free to add it. If you find you’ve added a little too much, you can scoop out some of the blend and add more pure coconut oil to dilute it a bit.

Orange Use Number 3
4:57 — Orange Essential Oil Foam Soap

It is so simple to make your own foam soap! The ingredients for this recipe are simply liquid castile soap and Orange essential oil.

This blend is the perfect size for traveling. It’s a 50 ml bottle with a foam pump top (which creates the nice foaming effect). You can carry it in a bag and use it if you don’t like the harsh soaps at work, or in public restrooms.

At 6:10, I’m filling the bottle about ¾ of the way with castile soap. I’m not measuring too precisely, and that’s okay. We don’t have to be exact when making foam soap. After the castile soap is ready, I add the essential oil . . .

20 drops Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) (6:17)

As with the castile soap, the number of drops you add is up to you. 20 drops feels right to me for this amount of foam soap. You can get creative with the essential oils you add, too—you can add a few drops of Bergamot Mint, or other citruses. Orange smells beautiful with a bit of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

As you’ve probably noticed, Orange essential oil is very versatile! You can use it for cleaning, for digestive support, for immunity, for respiratory support, to soothe achy muscles, to feel emotionally uplifted, and more. I hope these recipes give you a good place to start!

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