Natural Cleansing Hand Gel with Essential Oils for Caretakers

How to make an all-natural cleansing hand gel with essential oils! No alcohol at all needed for this recipe—it’s made in a base of pure aloe vera gel.

100% natural and easy to make!

This recipe is perfect for parents, teachers, daycare workers, and anybody else who spends time caring for children. With Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Cedarwood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana), and Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis).

To see the whole recipe, go here:

Using essential oils successfully doesn’t have to mean mastering a DOZEN or more essential oils.

You can learn to use ONE essential oil in a DOZEN ways.
Orange is one of those oils!

Orange essential oil is anti-infectious, immune boosting, pain relieving, gentle on skin, supports digestion, helps us relax or feel energized (depending on how we use it), and it smells . . . well, just like a freshly peeled orange!

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