How to Make Lime Aloe Foam Soap Recipe

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I love making foam soap! It’s a fun, easy activity that doesn’t take long, and leaves me with a luscious foam soap that I know is made with all natural ingredients, like essential oil. You can change this foam soap recipe to include whatever essential oil you prefer. Today I’m using distilled Lime essential oil—it has such a bright, refreshing aroma that always makes me feel optimistic.

I’ve actually made this foam soap recipe so often that I don’t need to measure my ingredients, but if this is your first time making foam soap, don’t worry! I’m including the “official recipe” here for you.

You can see me preparing my kitchen scale to measure my ingredients at 0:38. First I place the bowl on the scale, then I press “tare” so the scale will reset to “0” and won’t include the weight of the bowl when I measure my ingredients.

Then I add:

1 oz (30 ml) castile soap (1:08)
¼ oz (7g) aloe vera gel (Aloe barbadensis) (1:38)
¼ oz (7.5 ml) water (1:46)
20 drops distilled Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) (2:39)

I don’t always add water when I’m making foam soap. It’s not necessary. However, the little foam soap dispenser that I’m using does like to clog up sometimes, and including water can reduce this. (The containers are easy to “de-clog”—all you have to do is use a toothpick to remove the clogged soap, or run the pump under hot water for a short while. It won’t take long for the soap to dissolve!)

In this video, I’m using the same bowl to measure all my ingredients. If you want to be very precise, you can use three individual bowls: one for the castile soap, one for the aloe, and one for the water.

Once my ingredients are blended, I pour my soap into a 50 ml foam soap container. That holds just under 2 oz (60 ml). I’m not filling the container all the way up, because the pump top will take up space when I put it on. I explain this at 2:24, and at 3:04 I screw on the lid, give the foam soap a shake, and pump it out into my palm. It has such a rich texture!

The 50 ml size is perfect for traveling with, or if you want to try out a new recipe. I like using the bigger one for my kitchen and bathroom. That holds just under 8 oz (240 ml).

I recommend making this foam soap fresh every few weeks. (But I bet you will use it all up long before that!)

Now go wash your hands!

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