How an Essential Oil Steam Can Help a Cold

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I’m Andrea with Aromahead Institute, and I want to show you how to use an essential oil steam when you have a cold.

This is actually a stock blend—a blend of essential oils you can make and use more than once. You can keep this blend next to your essential oil diffuser, or just reach for it when you feel yourself start to sniffle. It’s so nice to have a supportive blend of essential oils like this ready to hand! (You might not feel like making Aromatherapy blends when you’re sick . . .)

I have a 5 ml glass stock bottle, and I’m going to fill it with 3 ml of essential oils.

1 ml is approximately 25 drops of essential oil, so that means we’re using a total of 75 drops (3 ml x 25 drops = 75 drops).

I have to admit . . . I don’t want to count all those drops of essential oil! That’s why I’m using a graduated cylinder. It allows me to measure the essential oils by the ml.

The recipe is:

1 ml (25 drops) Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) (2:17)
1 ml (25 drops) Ravintsara essential oil (Cinnamomum camphora ct. 1,8 cineole) (2:48)
1 ml (25 drops) Black Spruce essential oil (Picea mariana) (3:34)

It’s okay if you accidentally get more than 25 drops of one of the oils in your stock blend. You’re only going to be using 1 drop of this blend at a time, so if the balance of oils isn’t exact, that’s okay.

At 4:04, I’m pouring my blend of oils into the 5 ml bottle, then tightening the cap. You can see how the orifice reducer top snaps into place. (4:33) This lets me get 1 drop of the essential oil blend out at a time.

4:56 – To do an essential oil steam with your stock blend, you’ll need a bowl of hot steamy water. Add 1 drop (just 1!) of your stock blend to the steamy water, then close your eyes, lean over the bowl, and inhale the warm nourishing steam. You can drape a towel over your head to concentrate the steam, if you like.

I suggest steaming for about one minute . . . and it helps if you have a box of tissues nearby (just a tip from one who knows!). Just close your eyes, sit, breathe, and relax. You can do this a couple of times a day. If you’re feeling sniffly or congested, I think this essential oil blend will really help you. Let me know how it goes!

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