“I Want To Feel Better NOW!” Essential Oil Inhaler for Allergies

If you are looking for something to reduce the symptoms of your seasonal allergies, I have a great natural remedy for you. It’s called “I Want To Feel Better NOW!” Essential Oil Inhaler for Allergies, and it’s so easy to make at home!

It can last a couple months, and you can use it over and over again.

This is a recipe that I share on my webinar “Aromatherapy for Natural Living: Reduce Allergies Naturally”. You can register for my free training and I’ll teach you 5 more recipes for nourishing and protecting your vital energy for long-term improvements to your health! If you’re interested, you can sign up now:

Here’s how to make this allergy relieving inhaler:
Blank Inhaler (you can find some here)
Organic Cotton Wick
5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)
5 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil (Juniperus virginiana)

Just drop the essential oils directly on the cotton wick of the inhaler, and then take a deep breath to feel relief!

“I Want To Feel Better NOW!” Essential Oil Inhaler contains some of my favorite essential oils for allergies.

Tea Tree essential oil reduces infection and congestion and is supportive of your immune system. Lavender essential oil calms inflammation caused by sinus infections, plus it’s so soothing and calming! Cedarwood essential oil is also very calming and it nourishes your respiratory system.

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