The 10 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the World (2019)

Hey guys, MDB here. This is my newest, researched and up to date rundown of the Most Expensive Essential Oils in the world. Here we will run through the ghastly, heart-stopping prices for some of the world’s top liquid emollients. Among the list is Agarwood Essential Oil, an oil so rare that it can only be cultivated during certain specific times of the year. And also Neroli Essential Oil, an oil distilled and extracted from the prized blossom of the bitter orange tree.

As a bonus you’ll get to here me put on my most pompous British accent. Hope your excited. Let’s get educated!

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Here is a quick rundown list of where to get some of these pricey essential oils for yourself.

Agarwood Essential Oil –

Frangipani Essential Oil (Vegan & Organic) –

Blue Tansy Essential Oil –

Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil –

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