Sweet Orange Essential Oil – Product Overview – Naturally Made Essentials

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Hi everyone, it’s Ashley, and I wanted to shoot a quick video to share with everyone. Our naturally made essentials 100% pure sweet orange essential oil. Absolutely love this oil. On the side of it you’re going to see the different top uses of the oil, so on here we have listed that it’s great as an antiinflammatory, a mood booster, antibacterial, it’s great for a circulation booster, as a skin protectant, and as a household cleaner. My favorite and most common use of orange is for the mood booster. My go-to blend with it is peppermint. Absolutely love the combo of the two, it’s such a happy blend. The kids love it. Another thing you can use it for is as a household cleaner, so you can just mix it with some water in a spray bottle and clean your kitchen or bathroom. We absolutely love it. I’m curious to see what everyone else uses orange for. Thanks, bye.

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