Remarkable Benefits of Blood Orange Essential Oil

The sweet citrusy scent of (Sweet) Orange Essential Oil can be quite intense and concentrated for some. To those who wanted a milder but equally refreshing aroma of citrus, we recommend Blood Orange Essential Oil which has a lesser sweet scent with a floral and herbal undertone and slightly woody note.

You might be wondering what a blood orange is. Well, it is smaller than a regular orange we’re familiar with and it has red blots on its skin and pulp from which it got its name “bloody”.

Blood Orange Essential Oil has a lot of remarkable benefits. Its uplifting and energizing aroma helps soothe stress and calms down nervous apprehensions. It’s also a great insect repellant and a natural cleaner. Medicinally, Blood Orange Essential Oil can help fight inflammation to soothe pain and can stimulate the immune system as well.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
■ The benefits of Blood Orange Essential Oil
■ How this essential oil works
■ How to safely use this essential oil

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