Patchouli Essential Oil – Product Overview – Naturally Made Essentials

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Hi. I am here to talk briefly about Naturally Made Essentials, 100% pure patchouli essential oil. This oil … a lot of people love patchouli and are super passionate about patchouli. It’s been around forever. It’s amazing in skin care, but we have all of the top uses right on the side of the bottle here, so I’ll read them off: Diffusing for depression. It’s a natural deodorant. Immune support. Hormone stimulant. Anti-inflammatory and hair and skin.

Like I said, I love patchouli in my skin care. This diffused with coconut oil on my skin before I go to sleep, before I moisturize is amazing. It’s also a natural deodorant. To deodorize, sometimes I’ll mix this in a spray bottle with just some water. I’ll dilute it with water and spray it on my underarms so I know that I’ll be fresh all day long.

Patchouli and lavender are together … are one of my favorite things to diffuse in the home for a nice relaxing environment. Here is our patchouli essential oil. Bye.

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