I had a number of lemons from different companies, so I figured why not try one more. Florihana is a French essential oil company. You can get free shipping if you spend $100+. If you’re in the US, you can buy through Tropical Traditions / Healthy Traditions and you can get free shipping on your first order with code FS10. They are the only authorized company in the US to sell Florihana oils and you can write to Florihana to confirm this. is the link if you want to purchase through the latter company.

They have a lot of information on their website (Florihana) as well as PDFs about the oil that you can download.

The child-proof caps can be difficult to take off, especially the first time. I find it interesting that they use weight instead of volume:

I found out about them through this group:

I also talked about AVAT ( and Plant Therapy (

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Buy it HERE:

Sales and Deals:

Buy / Sell / Trade groups for essential oils:

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Patch test.

Plant Therapy and Edens Garden state that lemon is safe for kids ages 2+. Florihana says ages 5+.

External use only.

Sensitization: using the same oils can produce sensitization

Dilute your oils

Safety concerns with essential oils

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