How to: Remove My Acne Scars Naturally| Essential Oils, Derma Roller + More!

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-SoniClear by Michael todd:
20% off Michael Todd Soniclear Elite:
-Derma Acne Roller in the Size Medium (0.5 mm) from (affiliated link) I’ve been using this derma roller for over a year and it is GREAT for reducing hyper pigmentation and helping to get rid of deep acne scars (box car and ice pick acne scars, etc)
-Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
-RoseHip Seed Oil I bought it at my local herbal shop
-Frankincense Essential Oil
-Lavender Essential Oil

Hey guys! I hope that you enjoy this video! I’ve suffered with acne ever since I was 16 (when I had really awful and painful cystic acned and was prescribed antibiotics). I still suffer with acne on and off and I’m always left with marks and scars. For the past 2(+) years, I’ve been using a 100% natural skin care routine. At first it was simple (and not very effective), but now that I’ve added the Soniclear, Rosehip seed oil, ACV, and essential oils.. my skin has really changed dramatically for the better!! I know how embarrassing acne can be (crying, not wanting to leave the house), but if this video can help one person, I’ll be very happy!

So I now use a new DIY homemade ACV toner. It has the same benefits of 100% ACV but also the added benefits of witch hazel and essential oils. Since using this recipe, my skin has healed soooo much and getting a pimple is rare for me now. This new toner is equally good at removing acne spots as it is at fighting acne… plus it’s cheap to make and long-lasting. I see that a few said that undiluted ACV was too strong, burnt, or was irritating to your eyes. I’ve been using this recipe for almost a half a year now and it’s great! Here is the recipe for those who’d like to check it out: (Also, I used a lot more than 2 drops of essential oil {like 9}, and I added frankincense essential oil to my toner also because it’s awesome!) I hope that this helps!

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**This video is not sponsored. I received the SoniClear in exchange for an unpaid review. I have fallen deeply in love with it and it has transformed my skin dramatically! The link to the derma roller is associated with an affiliated link. After using their Derma roller for over a year, I entered a giveaway to win another “Banish Acne Scars” derma roller and I won! They knew that I had a YouTube channel (since it was a video entry) so they also sent me an affiliated link if I ever decided to make a video about my experiences with it. As always, all of the opinions that I express are my own!**

Please note: the advice and information given in this video is for guidance and should not be taken as substitution for advice of a doctor.

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