Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes | COOKING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS

Have you ever tried cooking with essential oils? If not, this lemon rosemary chicken recipe is sure to convince you. It’s loaded with flavor and healthy too!

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I am SUPER excited about this one. We have all kinds of great recipes to share with you!

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Cooking with Essential Oils
I actually haven’t ton a whole lot of cooking with essential oils yet. I’ve thrown a drop of orange in chocolate (you seriously HAVE to try it), made peppermint brownies and whipped up iced lavender lattes.

I often throw a drop of lemon in my morning smoothie. 

In a pinch, I throw a drop of cilantro and lime into my homemade guacamole. 

Ok, when I type it all out like that, I guess I do use them in my kitchen. But, up until tonight, never in baked meats and potatoes. 

Well my sister Laura, from Our Oily House, stopped by and changed that! She had been talking about making lemon rosemary chicken for a while now, and I simply had to try it. I invited her over to make a video with me, and dinner too of course. Imagine that. Inviting your little sister over to make you dinner. Everyone needs a little sister or two. 

Or in my case four. Thanks mom and dad.

I loved the chicken we made tonight. I really did. But, would you believe it..the star of the show was the lemon honey mustard dressing she made for the salad. Wowza that’s going to be new staple in the old farmhouse!

Why cook with essential oils anyway?
You may be wondering why you would even want to bust out the essential oils when cooking in the kitchen. Well, the main reasons are convenience and flavor. Each drop of essential oil packs in a super concentrated version of everything that is in the herbs/fruits that they come from.

For example, it takes 45 lemons to make one 15 mL bottle of lemon essential oil. Want something to have a lemon flavor without having to zest five lemons? Use a couple drops of lemon essential oil! Want the flavor of fresh rosemary, but it’s the dead of winter and the frost done snatched away everything from your beautiful herb garden? Just add a drop of rosemary essential oil.

Best essential oils for cooking
Peppermint- One drop will flavor a whole batch of coconut flour brownies, making them perfect for a holiday gathering. I also like to add it to peppermint mochas.  Peppermint is an excellent aid for digestion and one drop is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. 

*Don’t consume peppermint essential oil if you are nursing. 

Citrus oils- Lemon, orange and lime are all wonderful oils to use in the kitchen. I add a drop of lemon essential oil to my morning berry kefir smoothie. It’s delicious, energizing and detoxifying. Lime (next to cilantro essential oil) is great for all things Mexican- taco meat, guacamole, rice, etc. 

Italian spices- Basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary are all great for cooking. Be careful though, because these are STRONG. Sometimes all you need is just a toothpick dip, not a whole drop. Basically this just means to stick a toothpick in the bottle of essential oils and then stir the toothpick around in your dish. Sounds crazy, right? I’m telling ya, you’ll taste it. Toothpicks are just THAT strong. 

Can you just cook with any old essential oils?
No. Essential oils aren’t regulated by the FDA, so you never know what the heck you’re getting. Plus, if they’re not organic, the concentration level of essential oils makes that a huge problem. If its bad to eat non-organic basil, imagine how bad it would be to eat several bunches of it. That’s basically what you would be doing, since essential oils are so concentrated. It’s important to know where they are sourced from. 

I only trust Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. You can get more info on that HERE in my free online essential oil class. 

Lemon Rosemary Chicken With Essential Oils Ingredients
4 pounds chicken thighs (with the skin on and bones in)

1 drop rosemary essential oil

2 drops lemon essential oil

1/4 cup butter

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon salt… 

Get the rest of the article and printable recipe card on the blog- https://www.farmhouseonboone.com/farmhouse-on-boone/lemon-rosemary-chicken-cooking-with-essential-oils

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