Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits That You May Not Know


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-Sweet smelling Jasmine is extracted from the Jasminum gradiflorum, an evergreen with origins in China. Jasmine is an expensive oil that has powerful healing properties; it aids with everything from depression to childbirth. It is known most for its relaxing properties.

-Extracting jasmine is a little different from other essential oils, which are primarily steam distilled. Jasmine is obtained via solvent extraction, which means it results in a concrete substance rather than oil.

-It then must go through an extensive process whereby the flowers are placed over fats to absorb the fragrance. This process takes a number of days and yields a small amount of oil. Hence the reason Jasmine is one of the most expensive essential oils.

-Add some drops of Jasmine to your bath or to the vaporizer, or blend it with your favorite massage oil.

-Jasmine has been known to ease depression and childbirth, in addition to enhance libido. It’s great for respiratory problems, addiction issues, and reducing tension and stress.

-Overall, jasmine is a fairly safe essential oil as it’s non-toxic. It can cause an allergic reaction, however. Pregnant women should avoid jasmine.

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