doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Vetiver

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Reginal Lebrun is a vetiver farmer in St. Hilaire, on the south-east side of Haiti. He worked hard but because of unfair payment practices, he lived day to day. In addition to low payment, the money did not arrive on time, making it hard for him to pay his growers and properly store his fresh vetiver roots.

Reginal wants the best future for his family. Before, they had to worry so much about day-to-day life that it was hard to plan for the future. Access to clean water was a concern, and it took two hours to collect dirty water each trip.

To help, we built a well for the community. Now, Reginal says, his family has clean water and he has more time to take care of his fields and increase his livelihood. He and his family can now enjoy their beautiful country, something they had not been able to do.

Like many people in his village, he also wanted his children to have the opportunity to attend school. We helped build a school building, which his children now attend.
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