How to Make Essential Oils!

A tutorial on how to set up a still and distill your own essential oils!

The whole process takes about 2.5hrs. Most of the oil produced will be in the 30 minutes after the water starts to boil. As time passes, continue draining the water out of the cold water basin and replacing it with more ice until you run out of ice. Once the water warms to room temperature, the process is complete. It’s a good idea to let the system cool for awhile and let the hydrosol and oil settle before collecting the essential oil.

I use essential oils in all of my homemade products:
1. Sunscreen (Peppermint)
2. Body & Face Oil (Spearmint)
3. Nighttime Face Cream (Frankincense, Geranium Rose, & Lavender)
4. Relieve Respiratory Illness Symptoms by combining the essential oil with water in a room diffuser (Citrus, Lavender, or Frankincense)

The Hydrosol collected has many different uses as well! The Peppermint and Spearmint Hydrosols make a great mouth wash! I have also used the hydrosol as room sprays and furniture fresheners.

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