How To Make Clove Oil at Home – SIMPLY & EASILY
In this video I’m gong to teach you how to make clove oil.
The clove is used most often in the form of essential oil. The dosage differs depending on the problem to be treated and clove oil is often combined with that of another plant.

– Against dental pain, make a mouthwash with 3 drops of essential oil in half a glass of warm water.

– We will use a mixture of 2 drops of essential oil of clove combined with vegetable oil macadamia, to treat tonsillitis (massage the sides of the neck), calm a urinary tract infection or genital (pursuant to the lower abdomen), fight against fatigue (friction solar plexus) and in cases of respiratory infection or bronchitis (on the upper back and chest).

– The same preparation will be used in case of viral hepatitis, with massages on the upper abdomen.

– To reduce dental pain, you must frictions at the level of sore gums.

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