I love using Vetiver Essential Oil. It’s been such a fabulous addition to my oil collection and now it’s a staple for helping with mood, anxiety and sleep.

I had never even heard of Vetiver Essential oil before and it really surprised me about it’s effectiveness. It’s a very thick essential oil in consistency, which was really strange when I first started using it. It takes a long time to drip out of the bottle. But it really is very powerful. I believe it should be in every parents physician kit. If your kids are having a meltdown or feeling anxious about school, exams, sport or friendships, it has such an amazing effect on the brain and helps you feel calm and together again.

There’s much interest in Vetiver oil in the medical field. There’s been studies that show incredible results when Vetiver is used for people with Anxiety, ADHD and Autism.

Another great result we’ve had with using Vetiver Oil is for out sleep time routine. I give a mixture of oils to my friends who are struggling with their kids sleeping at night.

However Vetiver Essential Oil isn’t the sweetest of oils – it’s distilled from the root part of a grass not dissimilar to lemongrass or citronella. To make it nice smelling I love mixing it with Wild Orange Oil and Lavender … If I need to use it during the day I make a little rollerbottle and swipe it on my pulse points, but at night time I just put the 3 oils – vetiver, wild orange and lavender in a diffuser and turn it on.

I was having trouble with my kids sleeping at night, but now my kids fall asleep very quickly – even I fall asleep, if I lie down next to them .. LOL!

I absolutely Vetiver Essential Oil and highly recommend it to parents.

Thanks for watching this video on How I Use Vetiver Essential Oil

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