10 Vetiver Essential Oil Surprising Health Benefits

Vetiver is commonly known as Chrysopogon zizanioides, is a native to India and belongs to Poaceae family. In India it is popularly known as khus. The name Vetiver is derived from Tamil word that means “hatcheted up”. This plan could grow up to 4-5 feet. The essential oil is derived from plant roots using steam distillation. One of the primary benefits of this oil is in sleeplessness and it is also used in getting rid of restlessness. The oil is generally considered as safe as it is not toxic, non-irritating and it is non-sensitizing.

1. Helps in Reducing Inflammation
Due to the cooling and soothing effect of the oil, it helps in reducing several types of inflammation. It is more effective for inflammation related to nervous and circulatory system. It is also effective in the treatment of other inflammation which are caused by dehydration, and sunstroke.

2. Removing Scars
Vetiver oil helps to speed up the process of removal or lightning of the marks or scars from the skin. This is possible due to the presence of Cicatrisant agents in this essential oil. It helps in the growth of new tissues in the place of dead ones due to which it gives even look to the skin at the point of scar. It is primarily used for removing stretch marks due to pregnancy & weight loss, scars left behind by burns and pox marks.

3. Helps Preventing Bacterial Infections
The essential oil helps to stop the growth of Staphylococcus aureus which is the primary cause of sepsis. The oil is applied on the wounds to prevent sepsis. It could also be taken orally to protect internal organs from sepsis.

4. Helps in Nervous Disorders
Vetiver oil is highly beneficial and has a positive effect of calming the ruffled nerves. It helps in healing the nerves for the damage caused due to stress, fear and shock. It further helps in conditions like lack of control over spasms, afflictions, hysteric attacks, neurotic disorders etc.

5. Helps in Insomnia
The oil of Vetiver has sedative properties which makes it one of the better options in treatment of Insomnia. It helps in sedating conditions like emotional outbursts, anger, nervous irritations, nervousness etc. which might be one of the causes of Insomnia.

6. Fast Healing
The two primary benefits of the oil, help in growth of new tissues and preventing growth of microbes and bacteria makes is ideal for healing the wounds and thereafter removing the marks due to it too.

7. Prevention of Lyme
Lyme disease primarily spreads in the “tick season” and is very difficult to contain. The tick bite could happen anytime when going out when ticks are active. Some of these ticks carry Lyme disease and spreads it from one person to another. It is very important to control their spread in order to prevent Lyme disease. Lot of control measures to control ticks has become irrelevant. However, Vetiver oil is still effective in affective ticks. The oil is used in repellants or could be used as spray to get rid of them.

8 Used as Effective Repellant
In addition to eliminating ticks, the oil is highly effective in getting rid of termites. It is often used as termiticide that is very effective on subterranean termites with very little environmental impact.

9. Antioxidant
In 2005, a study was done at Clemson University in South Carolina on the antioxidant activity of the Vetiver essential oil. The results show that VO and its inherent components could be used as a natural antioxidants. It was found that free radical rummage activity of the Vetiver oil is strong when compared to alpha tocopherol and butylated hydroxytoluene.

10. Body Function Improvement
Restorative attributes of the oil is responsible in supporting nervous system and stimulating immune system. It is very useful in eliminating effects of the stress which otherwise impacts digestion, immune system, brain, heart and nearly all other organs of the body directly or indirectly.

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