How Frankincense Essential Oil Affects Your Blood Brain Barrier

How Frankincense Essential Oil Affects Your Blood Brain Barrier

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Did You Know?
Research indicates that fine arts education has overwhelming benefits, especially in the formative years of children, critically impacting brain development. Artistic experiences impact brain development, especially the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for higher-order thinking and motor skills.

To power your brain it needs glucose from the carbs or sugar you eat and your blood is what carries it there.

The blood brain barrier is the filtering mechanism between your circulating blood and your brain that stops certain damaging substances from reaching brain tissue and cerebro-spinal-fluid (or CSF).

A common misconception is that all small molecules cross your blood brain barrier. However, an astounding 98% of small molecule made from synthetic (or man made) ingredients (#doterracompliance) cannot cross the blood brain barrier (Pardridge, 2009).

Dr. William M Pardridge, an expert in blood-brain barrier research, determined that “the development of new synthetic options for the brain has not kept pace with progress in the molecular neurosciences, because the majority of new synthetic options do not cross the blood brain barrier.” (2003)

The ability to cross the blood brain barrier is essential for solutions of brain related health priorities.

Chemical constituents known as sesquiterpenes, commonly found in essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood are known to be able to go beyond the blood brain barrier (Wang et al., 2012, Zhang et al., 2009). But keep in mind that not all essential oil brands are created equal, but check out my videos on these oils and doTERRA’s quality to find out why.

Therefore, sesquiterpenes can directly interact with your brain cells, unlike most synthetic options you get at the store or elsewhere, and can impact your brain therapeutically.

In fact, sesquiterpenes are known to interact with neurotransmitter receptors, specifically glycine, dopamine, and serotonin receptors (Wang et al., Okugawa et al., 2000).

Speaking of the brain, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to the youtube channel called Bianca’s Course. Bianca is a music teacher that loves working with children especially in the area of brain development. Bianca has a 366 day Creative Challenge where she’ll create daily videos based on this content. Make sure to check out her channel with the link in the description below to learn more.

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