Essential Oils for Sleep

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Main Essential Oils for Sleep

1) Lavender – Most popular and used for thousands of years throughout history in Jewish and Chinese medicine. Contains compounds to relax the body and help your body wind down at night. It is the #1 oil for people struggling with insomnia.

2) Roman Chamomile – Helps the brain and digestive system to relax. Helps with abdominal cramping, IBS symptoms, and reduces symptoms of leaky gut.

3) Vetiver – Works directly on the nervous system and good for neurological conditions such as dementia, ADHD or autism. Vetiver calms the body and the nerves.

Essential Oil Blend for Bedtime

2 drops Lavender
2 drops Roman Chamomile
1 drop Vetiver

Rub on neck, forehead or nose to breathe in vapors or diffuse before going to bed.

Other Essential Oils to help with sleep:

1) Ylang Ylang – Floral oil, natural aphrodisiac that improves mood and helps with emotions

2) Orange – Helps release stress and tension

3) Vanilla – Improves and boosts mood

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