Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery!

I am sharing the Essential Oils that I plan to use during my labor and delivery of baby #3!

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The brand of Oils that I LOVE are from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Peppermint~ *Use with caution if breastfeeding. is known to reduce milk supply* Peppermint helps with nausea. Put a drop in a bottle of water. Make a spritzer to mist yourself with by mixing 4-7 drops with 2 oz of water or use same solution soaked into a rag to place of forehead and chest to help cool you down.

Jasmine ~ Sooths, uplifts and gives confidence. Helps restore skin. Balances energy and mood.

Clary Sage ~ Uplifts, relaxes and balances mood. Used on ankle reflex points can help with making contraptions closer together, more effective and helps with dilation. Put on stomach and back it can help relieve pain of contractions. Lowers blood pressure.

Frankincense ~ Spiritual connections and visualization. Comforts and helps you to focus when overcoming stress and despair. Use for mom’s mood and for anointing baby after birth {down spine, on feet and on crown of head}. Great for restoring skin.

Geranium ~ Great for skin. Revitalizes body tissue. Help calm and balance mood

Lavender ~ Great for skin. Helps calm mood and uplift spirit. Rub on stomach and back to help with contraction pain.

Labor Blend ~ In a 5 ML bottle mix together
4 drops Helichrysum
4 drops Fennel
2 drops peppermint
5 drops ylang ylang
8 drops clary sage
5 drops lavender
fill to the top with a carrier oil {fractionated coconut oil}

Apply to ankles, back, stomach and toe pads once labor has already begun. Helps with dilation, making contractions more effective, calming mom and with pain.

Perineum Prep ~ Add the following oils to 4 oz of coconut oil or your favorite carrier oil.
15 drops Helichrysum
15 drops Frankincense
20 drops lavender
15 drops Geranium

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