Best doTERRA Grapefruit Essential Oil Uses

Did you know?
Many labels on bottles with synthetics contain a warning against grapefruit, however the essential oil is very different and very safe.

Some common uses of doTERRA grapefruit essential oil:
You can use grapefruit oil aromatically (breathing it in), topically (if you can point to it, you can put it there), and internally (yummo!)

The main benefits of grapefruit oil includes:
– Reduces appearance of blemishes
– Supports healthy metabolism
– Reduces cravings for unhealthy foods

How to use grapefruit oil:
– Add 2 drops per 8 ounces of water in glass or stainless steel container and drink half body weight in ounces each day

– Apply 1-2 drops with fractionated coconut oil on trouble areas

– Diffuse 6-10 drops in 8 hour diffuser for motivation.

In Summary:
Grapefruit essential oil has a citrus, detoxifying, and fresh feel to it. Grapefruit oil blends well with basil, peppermint, and rosemary.

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