Aromatherapy – Scent of Life, Rose Essential Oil Background Music

Zen Meditation Planet decided to air this video with – often considered as world’s most appealing flower – Rose – as our starting essential oil from Aromatherapy – Scent of Life series. This flower is a symbol involved in countless legends, myths, stories all over the globe. The symbol of chastity and desire at the same time, passion, devotion and love. Fragrances and alluring scents give us shine. Even a single sniff of aroma can consist extraordinary amount of data or vivid memories hidden deep down. First but not last advantage of a Rose it is its smell… Therapeutic attributes are endless.

– Rose Essential Oil is a perfect natural calming substance so it would apply supremely for those with mental distress. For example, it may help during suffering from depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, PTSD.
– Because of its antiseptic properties, it is being used during bacterial or fungal infections. Rose Oil regenerates and rebuilds the skin.
– Boosts digestive system – especially the liver.
– Rose is an aphrodisiac as it stimulates blood flow around the pelvic area – often used in the Ayurveda treatments to boost a libido. Also to stimulate menstruation.

…And many many more. What is interesting about Rose Essential Oils – one of the best and most expensive essential oil is extracted from Damask Rose.

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Zen musicothérapie – Positivité absolue: Massage, Yoga, Tai-chi, Spa, Bien-être, Détente, Aromathérapie, Endormissement Nature Académie by Nature Académie
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