Aromatherapy Scent of Life – Lavender, essential oil background music

Lavender – holistic cure for acne, headache, psoriasis… Speaking of lavender this aromatic herb is known and cherished for centuries now. Even the ancient Egyptians used it as a perfume! We can almost bet everybody is familiar with its rich and gorgeous aroma – fresh, charming, floral scent but it is more than that.

Beauty benefits:
antibacterial, acne aid, antifungal, hair care, hair loss treatment, rid of lice and nits, reduce wrinkles, minimize minor burns, sunburns, Eczema
– Lavender is one of two essential oils that can be used undiluted directly on a skin. Another one is Tea Tree oil. We have prepared before a video about this beneficial essential oil, link:

Emotional and Cognitive advantages:
brain power and mood boost – researchers have proved that Lavender essential oil reduces symptoms and development of Alzheimer, PTSD, depression, high stress levels, insomnia and sleep deprivation.
Lavender Essential Oils also releases tension in aching muscles, helps to fight fevers, headache and menstrual cramp.

Note: Always make an allergic test when using a product for the first time. For topical use, it is best to supply with the purest and most organic oils. It is a great idea to mix it with a tiny bit of boiled water in order to lower the consistency of active ingredients.
Let’s just benefit from one of the safest and fertile upon all essential oils!*
* Avoid using Lavandula stoechas and consult midwife for more information considering Aromatherapy use during pregnancy.

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