Aromatherapy Scent of Life – Basil Essential Oil, Background Instrumental Music

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is being grown for over 5 thousand years now and spice merchants brought it from India and the Middle East. The ancient Greeks called Basil ‘basilikon phuton’ which means ‘king’s herb’ and today’s common name is derived from this exact words. The oil is extracted from the whole green parts of a plant and is being possessed while distilling by a water steam. Naturally, Basil is being used in cuisine, alternative, holistic medicine but that aromatic weed is also connected with supernaturalism – spiritual beliefs and even different religions.

Benefits of Basil Essential Oils:
– Topical use : massage, SPA treatments, cooling substance directly on a skin, toothpaste, antifungal, antibacterial – great acne aid. (for topical use always dilute it first)
– Culinary : sauce, salad dressings, whole dishes (use only edible essential oils, specially dedicated for cooking purposes, beware of high density)
– Treats ear infection, problems with the urinary tract and boost digestion
– Inhalation : assist clear breathing, helps with cold and flu
– Air Refresher
– Sharpen focus, enhance energy, mood, boost fights with anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, fatigue and stress

Storage of Essential Oils:
Store all essential oils in a tightly closed bottle in a cold, dark room away from children’s sight. Some Essential oils react with plastic containers so it’s not recommended to keep it that way.

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