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Lavender oil has a history of use for growing, strengthening, and repairing natural hair and scalp. I am not on a hair growth or length retention challenge, and I certainly don’t want to grow long hair fast, but I do desire thicker, more manageable hair. My hair needs to be photogenic at all angles. That is my ultimate goal as I rebuild my hair care regimen!
Lavender oil is great for mind & body as well, so keep scrolling to see the timeline along with bonus benefits!

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1. 01:40 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, acne, arthritis, etc.
2. 03:10 HOT OIL TREATMENT/ HAIR MASK: I prefer doing a hair mask with oil prior to shampooing.
3. 04:40 SOOTHE DRY SCALP : Add to your shampoo to make shampoo more effective or use it after irritation or minor cuts in your hair. It also is an anti-septic and anti-dandruff.
4. 06:10 DAILY SCALP MASSAGE : Scalp massages can help improve blood flow and nourish the follicles so that our hair can grow. I love applying the oil with a rollerball so that I don’t use too much.
5. 07:25 SOFTEN AND SEAL HAIR : I think the LOC (liquid – oil – cream) method is effective when moisturizing and sealing hair, but I like mixing oil with my products to make them feel like butter on my strands and to skip some steps.
6. 07:50 GROW AND THICKEN HAIR : There is a study that suggests that the number of hair follicles increased due to Lavender oil use.
7. 09:50 HAIR DEODORIZER : You can definitely postpone wash day a couple of weeks with a daily scalp massage because Lavender oil get rids of any smell. Also, it mixes well with stinky oils & products.
8. 11:21 ANTI-FUNGAL : Fungus can cause dandruff and hair loss. It weakens the skin, follicles and hair strands.
9. 12:12 LICE : Even though this is usually a school-aged kid problem, it’s good to know that Lavender oil can help keep infection away. Protect your families!
10. 13:20 STRESS/ DEPRESSION : Stress can take your hair out faster than anything else. Using Lavender oil for aromatherapy can help elevate your mood and keep your brain from unnecessarily secreting hormones (cortisol) that can interrupt growth due to imbalance.

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1. Henna vs. Chebe For Hair Growth: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=SwyXJ-X4Ess

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