Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Benefits & Uses

This video is about Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Benefits & Uses

Ylang ylang means flower of the flower and is a renowned aphrodisiac and a popular ingredient in perfumery. There are several grades of ylang ylang available and I always use the higher priced oil labeled as ylang ylang extra. Other grades are less refined and lack the creamy richness of the essence.
The scent of ylang ylang can be really heady and overpowering so use in small doses in your blends.
Ylang ylang aroma is uplifting and arousing and the oil can increase the feeling of well being.
Its calming properties can also help lower blood pressure and breathing rates and in turn this can reduce panic attacks and anxiety.
Ylang ylang is also excellent for hair and skin. It can deeply nourish scalp and condition dry, brittle hair. When used in face creams it can improve the appearance of tired and sagging skin. As it’s also a hormone balancing oil, it can help with hormonal acne.

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