Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits for Hair, Face, Skin

Here in this video we are going to discuss about Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits for Hair, Face, Skin and its uses. Ylang-ylang is a tree which grows in central Asia and south pacific islands especially in the rain forests areas of these regions. The oil of ylang-ylang is extracted from the greenish yellow flowers and is used in many hair and skin products for its protective properties. The flower oil is also used in perfumes because of their distinctive fragrance. Ylang-ylang oil can also be consumed as a flavorful tea for curing many health problems. This article lists 10 important health benefits of ylang-ylang oil.

1. Antidepressant
Ylang-ylang essential oil has sedative properties which help in relaxing, uplifting the mood and bringing back the feelings of joy and happiness in an individual. Inhaling the oil helps in fighting against depression, anxiety and sadness because it has a very calming fragrance. Even applying few drops of this oil on the back of the neck can immediately relieve stress.

2. Hair loss
Stress is one of the major reasons for hair loss which can cause embarrassment and low self esteem. Ylang-ylang oil is effective natural oil that helps in reducing hair loss caused due to stress. The beauty of this oil is that when it is massaged into the hair, it stimulates the follicles and speeds up the hair growth process. Using this oil is a natural way to treat hair thinning problem too.

3. Hair Conditioner
Ylang-ylang oil is an excellent treatment for dry scalp and brittle hair. Adding just a few drops of oil works as a natural conditioner as it increases the production of sebum keeping the scalp healthy and conditioned. Another benefit of this oil is it prevents split ends and damage to the hair if the oil is used regularly.

4. Insect Repellent
This amazing ylang-ylang oil is a very good natural alternative to treat insect bites. The oil can also kill the eggs of insects especially the mosquitoes which are a carrier of deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria.

5. Antiseptic
Ylang-ylang oil speeds up the healing process of wounds like burns and cuts. If the wounds are left untreated then it can get worse and lead to complications because of septic and bacterial infections. Applying this oil on wounds acts as an antiseptic which protects from any kind of infections like bacteria, virus and fungus.

6. Hypertension
Hypertension is caused when the force of blood against the artery walls is high and when the arteries are narrowed down then the heart pumps more blood which leads to high blood pressure. Ylang-ylang oil is a natural remedy to treat hypertension as it helps in controlling stress, lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Nervous system
This flower oil protects the cells and tissues from nerve damage and boosts the nervous system. The soothing properties in the oil helps in calming down stress which in turn helps in strengthening and repairing the nervous system.

8. Insomnia
Insomnia is a sleep disorder among adults who have difficulty in falling asleep and if this condition is not diagnosed it can lead to anxiety, depression and heart failure. Ylang-ylang essential oil has a euphoric effect which helps in relaxing the mind and body and enables a person to have an undisturbed sleep.

9. Skin
Beautiful and glowing skin increases confidence in a person and it is possible to have a good skin only when a proper routine is followed for skincare. Applying this oil on the skin improves blood circulation and reduces blemishes, acne and other skin diseases. It also helps in reversing the years of skin damage including signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin by making it look healthier and younger.

10. Boosts immune system
Strong immune system is a protection from diseases and infections like bacteria and viruses from entering into the body. The antioxidants in ylang-ylang oil prevent a person from catching cold, cough and flu. It also effectively removes toxins from the body and benefits the overall health of an individual.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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