Why German Chamomile is Awesome for Calming Inflammation in Skin

Today we’re talking about German Chamomile and why it should be one of your favorite essential oils for calming inflammation in your skin.

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If you’re into the nerdy stuff, German chamomile’s scientific name is Matricaria chamomilla. I like to use a CO2 extracted essential oil, which is deep blue in color.

This oil is famous for its powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It also:
– calms flare-ups, rashes, and redness
– reduces pain associated with skin wounds and breakouts
– promotes healing of skin wounds and breakouts
– prevents breakouts and is great for cleansing due to its antibacterial properties
– minimizes the appearance of broken capillaries
– helps prevent premature aging because of its high antioxidant content (neutralizes free radicals)

All of these healing and calming properties are why I chose German chamomile to be part of the synergistic anti-inflammatory essential oil blend in Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer.

You can read more about this night cream here: https://www.organicradianceskincare.com/shop/herbe-sois-calming-moisturizer

Do you have sensitive skin or Rosacea? Have you used German chamomile essential oil? Leave a comment below with your skin care struggles, your experience with German chamomile, or any questions you’d like me to answer. Your question might just be the topic of my next video!

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Candice Betty

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