If you’re finding it hard to conceive, this pregnancy detox and fertility booster blend could help cleanse your system of unexplained infertility causes and rebalance your fertility hormones for a more regular ovulation cycle. Using the right combination of natural essential oil remedies can help you get pregnant faster. This tutorial will show you how to detox your system, boost your fertility and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

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Want to know what can help you get pregnant faster naturally? You need to know WHICH essential oils can help you get pregnant and HOW essential oils help infertility and can help you get pregnant. In this video, essential oils expert Patti Tinholt shares her top ways to improve fertility in women so they can conceive faster. Her pregnancy self care advice teaches us how to use essential oils safely during pregnancy. This is the second episode in our four-part pregnancy self care with essential oils series. Patti Tinholt is the expert in essential oils especially for mothers and trying to conceive and all these pregnancy symptoms. She had five kids herself so she really knows what she’s talking about is terms of self care throughout motherhood and all stages of pregnancy. Tonight’s topic (second episode in our four-part pregnancy self care with essential oils series) is all about trying to conceive a baby. We talked previously about the things we can do, to use naturally to optimise our fertility energetics and using essential oils for fertility is one of those methods to increase your chances of getting pregnant. So Patti is going to give us an amazing tutorial on how to use these essential oils as part of a fertility detox programme, as part of making sure you’re in good health, with all the positivity you need to create a fertile environment inside your body and to KEEP that pregnancy as well. There’s a special BONUS for those of you who watch the whole episode, at the end, Patti will be revealing her TOP FERTILITY BLEND! Patti thank you for joining us here it’s fantastic to have you again, please take it away!
Thank you Lynn, it’s so fun to get to talk about fertility and pregnancy tips. I have to say I am out of my pregnancy days now, I have five kids and my youngest is three and she’s going to stay the youngest child! For sure! I’m excited to talk about this because I only had essential oils for my last pregnancy and I honestly can’t imagine how I managed my first four pregnancies without the benefits of essential oils, before pregnancy, during pregnancy and then after birth too.

If you have unexplained infertility, that can be candida. Anything unexplained and related to your ovulation cycle, to reproductive wellness, to have predictable ovulation cycles, all of that can be candida related. The symptoms can be all over your body including your reproductive system so if you have the luxury of some time before your window wanting to conceive, the first thing I would do is create the healthiest possible environment but candida is something often overlooked when we’re trying to create a fertile environment in your body. When you’re trying to conceive, a pristine healthy body environment is exactly what you want. So the first that I would do for getting rid of candida so the first thing is to remove as much processed sugar from your diet as possible. That’s number 1 pre pregnancy advice. Then lots of water, you want to flush your body and keep it clean and then I would start choosing some essential oils that can help to get rid of the bad bacteria. The way that essential oils work in our body is that they are actually able to help our bodies in distinguishing between good and bad bacteria. That’s really important to maximise the good stuff we need for a healthy pregnancy. A few specific essential oils I would choose specifically are… There isn’t enough room here for the full transcript so watch the video and download the list of oils for your pre-pregnancy detox and fertility booster blends!


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