What Essential Oils I'm Using That Are Helping My (non-verbal) Autistic Son To Speak

I’m a mother to a severely vaccine-injured son who is currently under the label of Autism. I have 3 children and blindly followed the ways of the world, and allowed my first 2 children to be vaccinated. My firstborn is vaccine-injured too, and has an autoimmune disorder known as Type 1 Diabetes. After researching intensely what vaccinations contain, what the manufacturers listed side effects are, medical documents and peer reviewed studies, I chose NOT vaccinate my 3rd child who is completely healthy with no health issues!

I write and speak about topics that many shun away from since they fall into the “controversial” category. ​Join me in revealing the truth that scientific studies confirm but the mainstream media keeps hidden. In order to be a world changer, you must step out of your comfort zone and start asking questions. ​Together we will make a difference!

Visit my blog site TRUTH TIME! at: nataliereneesteffen.org.

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