Tour An Essential Oil Farm & Distillery (Seed to Seal)

Join our family and friends as we tour the Whispering Springs farm and distillery! Experience Seed to Seal as we help plant clary sage, watch the distillation of blue yarrow and lavender, and walk through the fields of botanicals.

Do you know where your oils come from?

No, I don’t mean do you believe what your oil company tells you, I mean what you can actually SEE with your own eyes, SMELL with your own nose, TASTE with your own mouth, and FEEL with your own hands.

Seed to Seal. 🌱💧 You haven’t experienced it, nor can you fully appreciate its significance until you’ve stood with your feet in the very soil where the plants for your oils are grown. Until you’ve planted with your own hands the seedlings that will soon be distilled into your own precious oil.

This is my fourth visit to our Whispering Springs farm, and so far I’ve planted lavender and clary sage, watched the distillation of juniper, lavender, goldenrod, and blue yarrow, and walked through greenhouses brimming with new life – lavender seedlings, clary sage, goldenrod, tansy, and many more. All grown organically and sustainably, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

No other essential oil company offers this. Only Young Living. What’s holding you back from experiencing the healing power of God’s oils in your home? It’s never too late to start, and you can learn as you go. We all started at beginners, and we can offer you guidance every step of the way. Send me your questions today, and let’s get these beautiful oils on your skin and in the air of your home! 🏡

Any oil company that doesn’t allow you to visit their farms, watch the distillation process, see how the plants are grown, and freely answer any and all questions is NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY or the risk to your health! A company like this 👆 is nothing but an oil re-seller. They buy a tanker truck of “oil” from the broker, who will tell the re-seller whatever he thinks will get him the most money. They actually have no idea how those plants were grown, what materials the distillers are made of, whether every exacting detail was followed during distillation in order to produce oil with all the therapeutic properties intact. They’re just guessing, and what’s worse, they’re gambling with your health.

If you’re using essential oils for medicinal/health reasons like our family and millions of others around the world, you want oils that actually work. That you know won’t harm you. That you KNOW are the highest quality and contain everything beneficial and nothing else.

That’s what we have in Young Living. 😊 Do you? To get your YL account set up, click here (, choose your starter kit to become a member, and if you need help or have questions, just comment below!




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