Top Essential Oils for Depression

I want to do something SPECIAL in this video . . .

Because there are a lot of essential oils for depression that can offer support.

But not every essential oil is going to work for YOU.

So I am sharing:
– 6 of my top essential oils for depression
– 3 Aromatherapy methods of use (like diffusing the oils, etc)
– 3 WAYS that these essential oils can support you (like helping you feel uplifted, etc)

As an Aromatherapy teacher, I put a lot of value on science + research.

I also know that it doesn’t matter how much research we have about essential oils for depression, if you don’t like your blend’s aroma, or it is not convenient for you to use.

Please take care of yourself and create a blend that you LOVE (and it will LOVE you back!)


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If you try any of these essential oils for depression, I would love to know your results!

Please leave me a comment and share your experience.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, too. I go out of my way to answer them! Your question is important, and can help others.

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As a teacher, I believe that your wellbeing is too important to base on guesswork.

Or on stories about the success others have had with essential oils.

That is why I am such a big advocate for reliable, research-based essential oil information.

Not sure you want to take a full Aromatherapy class? That’s OK! You can take a class that focuses on a single essential oil.

Check out my series of classes called ESSENTIAL OIL SPOTLIGHTS.

Each SPOTLIGHT class focuses on ONE essential oil. It includes scientific information about the oil, its therapeutic benefits, recipes, photos, other essential oils that it blends well with, and more. Each class is narrowly focused on ONE oil, but also gives you a rounded education so you know how to blend that oil with others.

You don’t have to know how to use a DOZEN essential oils to be successful with Aromatherapy. You can learn to use ONE oil in a DOZEN ways.

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