Rosemary Essential Oil: Best Uses + Quick How To

Rosemary is a stimulating, warming, and refreshing essential oil. It has a powerful, fresh, woody-herbaceous scent and is jam-packed with incredible therapeutic properties.

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Some of the benefits of Rosemary are:
Boosting memory retention.
Restoring the mind and body.
Stimulating the senses when you need a boost to stay alert.
And like most spice and herb oils, Rosemary is helpful in aiding occasional digestive upset.
Respiratory support
Rosemary is also good for hair care.

You can see that Rosemary is a very versatile essential oil.

Our Top 3 ways to use Rosemary oil are:

One – Adding it to shampoo. This helps promote healthy hair and scalp which can promote hair growth!

Two – In a diffuser. Add a few drops to my aromatherapy diffuser in the afternoon to reduce fogginess and give the mind a boost.

Three – In a massage blend to promote circulation and warmth.

Here’s how to use Rosemary for an Invigorating Shampoo. Try this easy DIY recipe, and you’ll see what benefits Rosemary oil can provide for your hair.

You will need:
A 4 ounce squeeze or pump bottle
4 ounces of fragrance free shampoo
40 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil ►

Mix the shampoo and Rosemary together really well. Shampoo with your new Rosemary Shampoo once or twice a week.

Here’s a little tip: If you tend to have oily hair and scalp, add 4 or 5 drops of Ylang Ylang also.

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