Remarkable Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil and Why It's A Must

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the best known and loved essential oils around the world because of its countless remarkable benefits and uses. For essential oil newbies, we highly recommend Tea Tree Essential Oil as one of the essential oils you should first try.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has been affectionately known as “First Aid in a Bottle” as it can provide respiratory support and ease congestion, soothe pain, calm inflammation, and relax muscles, boost the immune system, prevent the spread of lice, and fight acne!

It’s a great cleaner too! Not only can it be used to clean surfaces but the air as well when diffused.

There’s just so much to love with Tea Tree Essential oil, definitely a must-have!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
■ How to use tea tree essential oil
■ Benefits and uses of this essential oil
■ How it works
■ Safety considerations when using this essential oil

Tell us your favorite way to use tea essential oil!

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