Peppermint Oils: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Oils aren’t essential in the same way that, say, some amino acids are essential. You won’t die if you don’t get enough cold-pressed lavender oil. Not literally, anyway. They’re so called because they contain the essence of the plant from which they’re made. These products are designed to be the purest possible extractions of the most aromatic, flavorful, and biologically active compounds.

Fact #2. A lot of essential oils capture the strongest possible scent of their respective plant. Some of these are truly fantastic at smelling good, and therefore calming or relaxing. No natural oil is good for everything, though. In that light, peppermint is one of the most interesting natural products. Its efficacy is predicted by the way it can make people squint and tear up when taking a big whiff.

Fact #3. Peppermint has been shown to kill germs and is used in some herbal poultices. It has a distinct cooling effect and is a common remedy for muscle and joint soreness. A little bit of diluted oil rubbed on the temples can even combat headaches. And the full-body sensation that a peppermint foot massage evokes is something wonderful to experience.

Fact #4. On top of its uses on the human body, peppermint oil is a highly recommended natural repellent for fleas, ticks, and lice. It’s used in both health products and household treatments as an alternative to harsher chemicals. It won’t kill the bugs. However, if it’s used alongside an extermination method, it’s effective for preventing and limiting infestations.

Fact #5. Before you order enough peppermint oil to bathe in, remember what it is and isn’t. The pure oil is very strong and should never be applied full-strength. As with all essential oils, it must be diluted with a carrier oil before use on skin. It should only be used externally, as well. Also, it’s not a replacement for actual medical care.

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