NO MORE PIMPLES! TOP 5 Simple Life Hacks w/"Lavender Essential Oil" for MORE BEAUTIFUL SKIN [Part 2]

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What are essential oils?
An essential oil is a liquid that is generally steam distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of the plant. Essential oils – contrary to the use of the word “oil – are not really oily-feeling at all. Essential oils penetrate faster and deeper into the organs and skin for cellular vitality and rejuvenation. Most essential oils are clear, and some oil such as patchouly, orange and lemon grass are amber are yellow in color.

Essential oils contain the true essence of the planet it was derived from. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences that can be used internally, topically, and through aromatic use. Only use Young Living oils internally because of the seed to seal quality control system and the screening of each oil through eight laboratory tests.

Essential oils are not the same as perfume or fragrance oil’s. Where essential oil is a derived from the true plants… perfume oils are artificially created fragrances containing artificial substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer.

The chemical composition and aroma of essential oil’s can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits – transforming your body, mind, and spirit as one.

Essential oils are often used by diffusion, topical use, or by diluting them with a carrier oil, such as almond oil or grape seed oil, and then applying your EO blend to the skin and muscles to improve circulation and reduce pain.

Daily diffusion and inhalation of the essential oils can also provide therapeutic benefits as the oil molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Essential Oils taken *internally* can support digestion and cleansing along with reducing bloating, nausea, and stomach pains. They often work within a matter of minutes in healing your stomach pains – Used over time they can restore balance to your entire GI tract.

*Please DO NOT TAKE STORE BOUGHT essential oils internally… as they do not go receive the rigorous testing and seed to seal standards like Young Living Essential Oils! Know your source.

Not essential oils are created equal and they can vary greatly in quality and price. Young Living is the world leader in essential oils with over 13 organic farms to cultivate, harvest, and distill the VERY BEST essential oils in the world for you and your family.

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