Making Your Own Perfume – Why We DON'T Use VODKA or WITCH HAZEL!

This video shows WHY Vodka or Witch Hazel are NOT used as a Carrier for making perfumes regardless if you are using Essential Oils (EO) or Fragrance Oils (FO).

It’s very simple, actually. Both Vodka and Witch Hazel have TOO much water in them. Therefore, the OIL of choice cannot dissolve. In other words, it’s NOT miscible. You will be left with a salad dressing like perfume which is NOT desirable as a final product.

We suggest you use Everclear or Club 190 Alcohol (189 Proof) or Perfumer’s Alcohol (200 Proof) so that your oils will completely dissolve in the final product… which is perfume.

Also, we do not recommend using IsoPropyl Alcohol… it’s too strong scent wise and changes the composition of your desired fragrance. Add to it that it’s exceptionally drying and you have a reason to NOT use it.

Perfumer’s Alcohol, in the US, can be bought from here:

Perfumer’s Alcohol, in the UK, can be bought from here:

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