Making Homemade Lavender Essential Oil In The Microwave

Today we will be making homemade lavender essential oil in the microwave. If you have ever wanted to know how to distil lavender essential oil at home you might have heard about using a traditional steam distillation method but it is a lengthy process and requires bulky equipment. You can actually make some of the most pure lavender essential oil possible with steam distillation in just 6 to 8 minutes in your microwave with this clever system and it does not require any solvents. As well as making lavender essential oil you will also learn how to make lavender water at home as that is the biproduct of making lavender oil. I have been making my own homemade essential oil and hydrosols for two decades with two conventional stills but this is perfect for home use and smaller batches.I purchased the Essenex100A essential oil still from Oilextech and have a link below to their site. It’s not the cheapest thing but worth it for the fun alone!

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We used 120g Fresh lavender flowers
230g Water (filtered)
We extracted over 1g of essential oil and over 200g of lavender water

You can learn about how this method produces a much purer oil and some fascinating information about this method from this video by the University of Avignon France

You can purchase the microwave still directly from

For those of you concerned about using a microwave, please check out the information on this link

Is Microwave Radiation OK?

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