Magnificent doTERRA Clove Essential Oil Uses

Did you know?
Clove is a powerful antioxidant! As a dried spice it measures about 300,000 on the ORAC scale and measures over 1 million as an essential oil!

Some common uses of doTERRA clove oil:
You can use cinnamon aromatically (breathing it in), topically (if you can point to it, you can put it there), and internal (aw snap)!

The main benefits of clove oil includes:
– Highest antioxidant plant
– Cleans teeth and gums
– Supports cardiovascular health,
– Favors food (especially desserts)

How to use clove oil:
– Diffuse with cinnamon and wild orange for a holiday aroma that cleans air and uplifts the mood

– Add 1-2 drops in veggie capsule to support immune system

– Substitute 1 drop per 1-2 ts sp of ground clove in sweet recipes

In Summary:
Clove essential oil has a warm, spicy, and protective feel to it. Clove blends well with cinnamon, rosemary, and wild orange.

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