Lavender Essential Oil Benefits & Uses (Why I love it so much!)

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I am here to talk briefly about our naturally made essentials 100% pure lavender essential oil. This oil is one of my favorites. I’ll let you know some of the top uses for lavender, we have that conveniently on the side of the bottle here.

But stress relief is one of the biggest ones, sleep aid, nausea, headaches and skin care. So one way that I use lavender essential oil ever single day, is in a roller ball, diluted with coconut oil, and my son, he’s one year old, I rub it kinda on the back of his neck right before bed.

He’s also teething, so I do use the roller ball right along his jawline, and every single time that I use lavender oil he sleeps through the night. If he wakes up throughout the night, I know that I forgot to put the lavender oil on him, it’s so crazy.

I also use this in a roller ball with tea tree essential oil, and you can use any carrier oil but I just prefer coconut oil, as a bug bite relief stick. I get tons of bug bites, I don’t know if it’s my blood type, or what it is, but tea tree and lavender is amazing for itch relief. So that’s one of my favorite ways to use it as well.

Lavender diffused with just about anything is amazing for the home. I like to diffuse just by itself, in the room, in the bedroom, just to get a good night’s sleep. Here it is, check it out:

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