Jasmine Essential Oil Extraction

Ekstraksi Minyak Atsiri Melati Jasmine Essential Oil Extraction

Jasmine is an ornamental flower plants trunked shrub form of the Living Upright chronic. In Italy jasmine casablanca (Jasmine officinalle), called the Jasmine Spansish planted Year 1692 for review in Make perfume. In 1665 in England cultivated white jasmine (J. sambac) that was introduced by Duke Casimo de ‘Meici. In 1919 J. discovered jasmine parkeri in India’s Northwest Region, then cultivated in England in 1923. In Indonesia, jasmine is known by name in the society in the whole territory of the archipelago. The names of these areas is to review jasmine is menuh (Bali), Meulu cut OR Meulu China (Aceh), Menyuru (Banda), Melur (Gayo And Batak Karo), Manduru (Manado), Mundu (Bima and Sumbawa) and Manyora ( Timor), as well Malete (Madura).

The usefulness of jasmine plants other than as flowers decorate Also Widely used industrial RS hearts Jazz in Indonesia, including the tea industry, deodorizer, cat, ink, pesticides and others – others. In addition ITU hearts content jasmine essential oil is a commodity That can be categorized as an exclusive commodity, BECAUSE * According to data The ADA, 1 liter of absolute of jasmine can be reached price of 30 million rupiah.

At the World’s Largest jasmine oil producer is India and China, HAL is supported by the cultivation of jasmine Operating System is integrated in the second gatra. Which of course Indonesia has tropical climate and rainfall Enough has potential for development review of essential oil of jasmine.

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