Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin

Jasmine Essential Oil is the topic of this video where we would discuss primarily about its benefits for skin, hair and others. Some of the other benefits of the oil includes are its usage in cold, cough, insomnia, depression, concentration, headache and easing labor pain.Jasmine oil is extracted from white jasmine flowers which is grown in tropical and sub tropical regions. These jasmine flowers are famous throughout the world for its warm, exotic and floral fragrance and that same beautiful fragrance is captured in the form of essential oil. Just a whiff of this essential oil can help in soothing and relaxing the body and mind by making an individual happy and joyful. Apart from its sweet and romantic fragrance there are lots of health benefits of using this jasmine essential oil. Let us now consider some benefits.

1. Depression
Depression is a mood disorder which makes a person feel completely weak mentally and physically. It becomes difficult to even carry on with the daily chores of life considering it as a burden rather than joy. Jasmine oil calms the body and mind due to which one finds relief from stress and anxiety. The aromatic oil stimulates the release of hormones which boosts the energy and mood thereby fighting depression.

2. Jasmine Essential Oil for Skin
Skin care on a daily routine is very important and jasmine essential oil helps in treating dry and sensitive skin. It removes wrinkles and fine lines as well as fades scars, stretch marks and spots left after a boil. This nourishing oil helps in keeping the damaged skin sooth by toning and boosting elasticity and can also be used to treat skin diseases like eczema.

3. Antiseptic
Jasmine oil’s antiseptic properties makes it excellent germ killing oil which helps in fighting against viruses in the body and avoiding sickness. Applying this oil externally on wounds like on burns and cuts, prevents from causing septic and effectively destroys any infections.

4. Cough and Cold
This is a very common health problem and anybody can catch a cold and cough. Inhaling jasmine oil can reduce infection in the respiratory system by clearing the lungs of any accumulation of mucus or any other irritants like dust and smoke, thus by relieving from cough and cold. When the nasal is cleared of congestion it also helps in eliminating snoring.

5. Insomnia
This is a condition in which an individual’s sleep pattern is affected due to which even after waking up the person still has low energy levels and feels irritation and depressed. Insomnia disturbs ones daily life. The essence from jasmine oil is very refreshing and the natural sedative properties in this oil helps in improving the quality of sleep by relaxing and inducing long, restful and uninterrupted sleep.

6. Boosts Concentration
Rubbing jasmine oil on the skin stimulates the nervous system and helps in boosting energy. Jasmine oil’s natural ingredients have the ability to actively engage the brain in mental tasks which is required for learning, problem solving and remaining alert. As a result it increases confidence and vitality in a person.

7. Menopause
It is a condition in which as a woman ages, her ovaries stop producing the hormones required for production and goes through a lot of discomfort. Jasmine essential oil helps in relieving symptoms caused during menopause like mood swings, depression and hot flushes.

8. Jasmine Essential Oil Hair
Applying jasmine essential oil on the scalp is an excellent way to avoid hair from getting frizzy. The oil helps to hydrate dry hair, lock the moisture and soothe the scalp which protects the hair from damage and being frizzy.

9. Headache
A mild pain in the head above the eyes or at the back of the head which is usually caused due to stress or tension. Massaging jasmine oil alleviates the pain in the head, reduces the overall body stress and strengthens the nervous system.

10. Eases labor pain
Jasmine oil helps in having a smooth delivery. This oil has the ability to reduce pain during the first stage of labor as it helps in strengthening the contractions naturally. And since this oil also uplifts the mood it helps in comforting the birthing mother during labor.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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