Introducing Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil

Jasmine essential oil is valued for its antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and
antiseptic properties.
•-Essential oil derived from the Jasminum sambac plant has
antibiotic properties that
•-can help combat bacteria and help treat and prevent skin
•-May help with skin issues like psoriasis, scratches, and chronic
•-Helps reduce depressive symptoms and increase alertness,
energy, and positivity.
•-Promotes a sense of calmness and confidence.
•-Helps increase blood flow and stimulate romantic feelings

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At Utama Spice, we believe in using the restorative power of nature to rejuvenate your skin’s natural beauty. Our entire beauty and lifestyle range are 100% natural. Made with nothing but love and pure essential oils. We never use any sulfates, parabens, chemical binding agents, artificial fragrances, coloring, or synthetics of any kind. We use cold-pressed-virgin coconut oil in almost everything!

We believe in making our products simple and natural enough for you to be able to eat them if you wanted to. At Utama Spice, we know that your skin is the body’s biggest organ and it should be treated with love, care, and respect.

RAW FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN We believe in producing food for your skin. All our products are handmade with care, passion, and love in our Ubud ‘kitchen’. You’ll know we don’t use any synthetic preservatives or binding agents because our products may freeze or melt (more likely in this heat!) and the constituents will separate. Make sure you give your Utama Spice goodies a good shake or stir, with a clean teaspoon or finger, and don’t keep them hanging around for too long!

KEEPING IT SIMPLE We like keeping things simple here. Our list of ingredients is short because we’re going back to basics, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, discovering the raw power of nature, and harnessing it into the exceptional. We’re a small family, and we think of ourselves as a social enterprise that provides employment for women in our local community of Ubud.

We try and give back where we can by supporting local projects like the Munti Gunung Foundation, or local sustainable farming research initiatives.


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