How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

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I’m Andrea with Aromahead Institute, and I want to show you a few different ways to use Rosemary essential oil.

Rosemary essential oil has such an uplifting, clear, and fresh aroma! I love it in blends to feel mentally focused and alert. I use it a lot when I want to concentrate. Rosemary essential oil tends to “open up the head” in a way that allows for clear thought. It also has this “opening” effect when you have congestion, a cold, flu, allergies, or even a sinus headache.

Rosemary Use Number 1
1:04 — Rosemary Inhaler for Clear Breathing

This inhaler is very supportive when you’re feeling stuffed up or “tight” in your nose, sinuses, or even your chest. I’m using Rosemary essential oil and Pinion Pine essential oil, which has a similar clarifying effect, along with a beautiful piney, earthy aroma. (Pinion Pine’s scent is a bit lighter than some of the other conifer essential oils.)

I have a beautiful reusable inhaler that I got from Aromatics International online. It’s nice, because I can replace the organic cotton wick in the inhaler with a new blend whenever I want, and the glass vial itself can be washed. You can see how the cotton wick fits right into the glass vial at 1:26. I’m going to make my blend right in the vial, letting the cotton wick absorb the essential oils.

The recipe is:

10 drops Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) (1:37)
5 drops Pinion Pine essential oil (Pinus edulis) (2:02)

At 2:23, I reassemble the inhaler (it’s very easy!), and it’s ready to use! One inhaler blend will last two or three months (as long as you keep the cotton wick in it—it’s best to only remove the wick when you’re sure you’re finished with that blend for good and want to make another one).

Rosemary Use Number 2
3:09 — Rosemary Essential Oil for Your Diffuser

This is a simple way to use Rosemary! All you have to do is add a few drops to your essential oil diffuser. This is great for during the day, when you want to feel alert and concentrate on a project. At 3:29, you can see my diffuser. It has a clay top and calls for water (which I’ve already added). The number of essential oil drops you diffuse is really up to you, and depends on things like how big your space is, whether you have windows open, and how long you’ll be diffusing. I usually find between 5 and 10 drops to be just right. This time I’m using 5.

Diffusing Rosemary essential oil is a great way to fill your space with beautiful scent, and even to reduce germs that may be in the air.

Rosemary Use Number 3
4:54 — Rosemary Essential Oil Foam Soap

Homemade essential oil foam soap is always a hit! I’m making this blend in a foam soap container that holds 240 ml. I have 1 gallon of castile soap (you don’t need that much!), and I’m filling the foam soap container about ¾ of the way at 6:18. I’m not filling it all the way up, because the foam pump top (which creates the luxurious foaming effect) takes up some space in the bottle.

There’s no “exact measurement” for how much soap you should add. I’m not measuring, but in this case I probably have about 225 to 230 ml of castile soap in the bottle.

Then it’s time to add the essential oils! Again, there’s no specific drop count that is “universally recommended” for foam soap. I’m going to use 3 ml, which comes to about 75 drops. That comes to roughly 10 drops for every 1 oz (30 ml) of castile soap in the container.

I’m using a graduated cylinder to measure my essential oils, but you can simply count the drops, too. The recipe is:

2 ml (50 drops) Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) (7:14)
1 ml (25 drops) distilled Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) (7:41)

(I accidentally said “1 ml of Lavender” around 6:51…oops! I use Lavender so often and love it so much that it’s an easy slip of the tongue!)

At 7:58 I’m pouring the essential oils into the bottle, then I shake it up to make sure they’re distributed through the castile soap. And look at that foaming action at 8:25! So luxurious! I just love it!

There are so many more ways to use Rosemary essential oil! These three are a few great examples to get you started. I hope you love them!

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