How To Determine High Quality Tea Tree Oil

Similar Quality:

Tea Tree Oil is not all the same. In this video I share some of the things that might be able to help you figure out if a particular brand of tea tree oil is high quality or not.

1. Smell – high quality tea tree oil does have a strong smell, but it should NOT smell like turpentine or industrial oil. Basically, it takes time and experience to figure out. That’s why I used the example of turpentine, it’s not very mistakable.

2. Australian. Generally, most people feel that Australian is the best. Why wouldn’t a brand brag about it on their label if that was the case? The absence of the word “Australian” could be another indicator that an oil is not high quality.

3. Cut oil – just because the label says 100% pure (what you want) doesn’t mean it is. Check the ingredients for other oils in the bottle. You want a bottle to say 100% pure and the only ingredient in the bottle should be, you guessed it, tea tree oil!

I hope you can see how to help determine if an oil is quality or not. Imagine how much more effective high quality oil is compared to low quality. Imagine how much better your life might be if your tea tree oil was FOR real and not some low quality stuff that may have come from anywhere!

In other words, whatever purpose you use tea tree oil for, and there are literally hundreds of uses if not thousands, then you’ll be better off using a high quality oil from the start.

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