German Chamomile Calming, Inflammation, Negativity, Anxiety, Anti~Aging, Hepatits, Fatty Liver~

Anti~inflammatory, Anti~Aging benefits of the Amazing Healing German Chamomile. Chamomile is a high vibration, I love all forms of the Matricaria Recuitita.
~Thank you~ Peace and love to you all~
~My videos are not intended to treat, or diagnose. If one has medical conditions, seek advice of natural health care practitioner before learning to get healthy through natural means. Chamomile will interact with prescriptions. ALTHOUGH Generally safe, and healing for asthmatic conditions, if one is highly toxic, a reaction may be had in the beginning. I recommend detoxifying the body, if this is the issue, then go back to the chamomile after liver, and colon are more in balance. Pregnant women should avoid chamomile. Chamomile may act like a natural estrogen in the body, so women with a history of hormone sensitive cancers, such as breast or uterine cancer, should speak with health care practitioner before using. Always do a patch test first, to ensure oil is pure, and processed correctly. Drinking large amount of chamomile tea may cause vomiting, may cause drowsiness, so do NOT take this and drive. Stop taking chamomile at least 2 week before surgery or dental surgery, because of the risk of additional bleeding~
Thank you~ Peace and Love to you all~ Have a wonderful day~

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